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The designs in Do Long's new collection "Timeless" offer a variety of suggestions for glamorous styles.

Nguyen Minh Ha is a young model with a pure face. She was recently known as Zhang Zi of Vietnam. Because of the eyes, the smile has some parts that make people think of the famous Chinese actress. Likened to Zhang Zi because of her rustic style when wearing jeans and shirts, however this girl is not afraid to refresh herself. Therefore, Nguyen Minh Ha has had a molt with a mature image in the outfits of Do Long. 

Let's learn the steps to dress seductive for a skinny figure like Minh Ha.

Don't limit yourself to black or red. 

"Chương Tử Di của Việt Nam" Minh Hà lột xác với trang phục quyến rũ từ NTK Đỗ Long

Those who love the image of "femme fatale" more or less say that: Only black makes a woman look attractive. Then not really! Especially for girls who are experimenting with mature styles, it can be quite unsettling to suddenly change into dark colors.

Therefore, Nguyen Minh Ha suggests using clothes with a rich range of colors. The white color that is associated with innocence actually brings pure sexiness. Material such as thin lace or tulle slightly penetrates the charm.

Wide neck, waist, piercing: Three expensive details make up the seductive style of Do Long

"Chương Tử Di của Việt Nam" Minh Hà lột xác với trang phục quyến rũ từ NTK Đỗ Long

Glamour is not a bold cut! Pressing the curve, embellishing the new body advantage is a way to bring out the charm.

For slim people like Nguyen Minh Ha, designer Do Long suggested: Use a design with a deep and wide neck to highlight the sexy blue straps. Details of the waist and bodycon dress help create a sense of slim waist and long legs. Using a bit of penetrating detail on the slender shoulder adds a subtle style to the woman.

The sexy wide-neck designs are also the signature of designer Do Long. You can easily find these designs in his collection. 

About the Timeless collection of designer Do Long in the photo shoot with Nguyen Minh Ha

Timeless's designs do not use causality attachments but focus on celebrating the natural beauty of luxurious materials such as silk, high-end mesh lace, tweed fabric ... Materials and designs are all towards high applicable, suitable for many circumstances.

Western brown-tone makeup makes Nguyen Minh Ha get rid of the image of Chuong Tu Di

Timeless collection fully emphasizes the charm and femininity through delicate cutting technique: Building hard shirt form, cut the petals at the shoulder; handmade embroidery on tweed, ...

Timeless depicts beauty beyond space and time, from classic elegant outfits to fresh youthful dresses for summer night parties. The intersection of modernity and classical beauty creates a subtle appeal for the woman.


Photo: Linh Pham

Stylist: Pham Bao Luan

MUA: Xi Quan Le

Hair Stylist: Vien Hoan Binh


Source: Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam